Multibit Classic Download links

Multibit Classic Download links are below. Make sure Java is installed.

Bear in mind that syncing may take several days due to few accessible nodes.

Here are the links to download Multibit Classic 0.5.18:

  • On Windows (SHA-256 hash: dc0c2ef689507c57347c0cbed58ea90fe12617a6fb026b308e81ec2127531b7e)
  • On Mac OS X (SHA-256 hash: 0d2fe6fa68385c1ca964d9588272787dabffbc2061f29ebaab422317d0972257)
  • On Linux (SHA-256 hash: a067c9638edfdf39f3e9fa154b0c6d8cfb7c58c0edd95a02c0ca903160ca3aad)

Dont forget to check the checksum and beware of scammers or fake wallets that will steal your funds.

Additional professional help

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